Long Travels

From 14 days.
These tours combine two, or even three, medium trips, or extend the route of one of them to reach remote areas.
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Tour 41

Iberian North

This is the preferred tour of our clients and there are more than enough reasons, because it has everything and also good.

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Tour 42

Iberian South

And this is our favourite, since, in our opinion, it is the best tour that can be done by motorcycle in Europe.

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Tour 43

Pyrenees & Occitanie

The best of the Pyrenees is in Spain, but the best extension is to France, which is what this tour offers.

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Tour 44

South of France

A perfect combination between the beautiful landscapes of Provence and the fascinating roads of the French Alps.

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Tour 45

Grand Tour of the Alps

This tour covers most of the Alps passing through the seven Alpine countries.

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Tour 46

North Cape

The great adventure that all bikers want to do, but with the possibility of focusing more on the fjord area.

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Tour 47

Grand Tour of Italy

This tour combines all of our two Italian tours, the Tuscany tour and the southern Italy tour.

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Tour 48

Ireland and Scotland

This tour brings together the best of the British Isles, without forgetting the Isle of Man, a must-see destination for bikers.

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Tour 49

Old Yugoslavia

This tour runs through the western Balkans visiting the 6 countries that made up the former republic of Yugoslavia.

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Tour 50

South of the Balkans

This excellent tour runs along the best roads in Greece, Albania, North Macedonia, and Bulgaria.

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Tour 51


This tour expands our tour of Romania with the northern Carpathian area, including Ukraine and Slovakia.

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Tour 52

Grand Tour of Morocco

This adventure tour expands our tour of Morocco entering the territory of the old Spanish Sahara.

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Tour 53

Grand Tour of Turkey

Para 2023, o a lo sumo 2024, tenemos previsto incluir dos viajes en Turquía, este tour sería la unión de ambos.

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