Tour 1


A fantastic tour by secondary roads, full of curves, with very little traffic, and beautiful Atlantic landscapes.
From 8 to 13 days
March to October

Portugal has so many great roads for motorcycle riding. This Tour brings them all together without forgetting the big cities of Lisbon, Porto and Coimbra.

From a biker point of view, this trip is very fun since the route is very twisty, with 8,200 curves on the basic route, which gives a Curve / Km ratio. 3.37, quite a high value. But they are not particularly tight curves, so the route is very fun to ride a motorcycle, without being difficult. The Portuguese roads are not the best in Europe, but they are in a fairly good condition and have little traffic.

In terms of landscapes, this trip has a great variety; mountains, pine, eucalyptus and cork oak forests, vineyards, rivers, lakes and the coast, making it very attractive. If you like photography, you are going to have countless photo opportunities.

As always, we have paid special attention to finding exceptional accommodation and Portugal has made this task easy for us, since, like Spain, in Portugal there are many historic buildings converted into hotels, so you will have the opportunity to sleep in castles, palaces, fortresses, monasteries and convents, several centuries old.

In the monumental aspect, you will have the opportunity to make long visits in the three important cities of Lisbon, Porto and Coimbra, and you will also be able to visit other monuments along the way such as the cathedrals of Braga or Évora, or the fabulous palaces of Sintra.

And finally, about Gastronomy, in Portugal you can enjoy a lot, and without spending too much money. Certainly the Portuguese level is lower than the Spanish, especially in haute cuisine, but even so it is one of the best gastronomies in Europe.

For all this, as you will see, our Tour of Portugal is a VERY COMPLETE trip, which has a bit of everything.

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Start and Finish


Stage 1


Extension C

Día de descanso en Coímbra

Stage 2


Stage 3


Extension A

Porto rest day

Extension B

Detour to Santo Estevo

Extension B

Detour to Santo Estevo

Stage 4


Stage 5


Stage 6

Serra da Estrela

Stage 7


Extension E

Vilamoura rest day

Extension D

Detour to Vilamoura

The Stages


Lisbon →Óbidos

188km 4:50h 796 curves
8 Alternative routes from 4:30 h. to 1:00 h.

This stage combines the cultural aspect, focused on visiting the Sintra palaces, with very fun roads and beautiful landscapes.


Obidos →Coimbra

289km 5:25h 1085 curves
6 Alternatives routes from 5:08 h. to 1:18 h.

A very pleasant stage, full of curves, that going through vineyards, forests and low mountain areas passes through the famous Fatima Sanctuary.

Stage 3

Coimbra →Viseu

291km 6:27h 1547 curves
8 Alternative routes from 6:01 h. to 1:06 h.

The most biker stage of the trip as it travels through fantastic mountain roads, full of curves. It's long, but it's so good that it won't seem like it.

Stage 4

Viseu →Porto

314km 5:37h 1184 curves
8 Alternative routes from 5:07 h. to 1:16 h.

In this stage, you will go through vineyards, what is considered the best road in Portugal, and one of the best in Europe.


Porto →Chaves

320km 6:52h 1326 curves
9 Alternatives routes from 6:07 h. to 1:36 h.

Another stage with a marked biker character, full of curves and beautiful landscapes, but also with a visit to the well-known cathedral of Braga.


Chaves →Serra da Estrela

298km 5:33h 1068 curves
5 Alternatives routes from 4:56 h. to 3:07 h.

We return to Serra da Estrela, the best area of Portugal to ride a motorcycle, but traveling different roads than the ones we used in the third stage.

Stage 7

Serra da Estrela →Estremoz

342km 5:35h 988 curves
5 Alternatives routes from 4:54 h. to 2:35 h.

We have already started the way back to Lisbon, this time through eastern Portugal and we spend the night in Estremoz where you can sleep in its beautiful castle.

Stage 8

Estremoz →Lisbon

382km 5:18h 464 curves
5 Alternatives routes from 4:28 h. to 1:41 h.

Last stage of the trip, in which the center of Portugal is visited including a visit to the Cathedral of the city of Evora.

Rest day in Porto

Porto is a fantastic city that well deserves a day of rest to visit it in depth. You can use this rest day to visit its many monuments and places of interest or visit one of its famous wineries.

Detour to Santo Estevo

Between Porto and Chaves we would divert the Tour to enter Spain and sleep in a fantastic 7th century Monastery nestled in a beautiful place, adding a fabulous area to ride, full of curves and with excellent landscapes.

Rest day in Coimbra

This extension adds a rest day in Coimbra so that you can visit this beautiful city more calmly.

Detour to Vilamoura

This extension diverts the trip to the Algarve coast, specifically to Vilamoura beach, which is between the well-known towns of Albufeira and Faro and which is one of the best beaches in the Algarve.

Rest day in Vilamoura

And if we have diverted the trip to Vilamoura, it will make a lot of sense to add a day of rest to enjoy its beach.

What does the tour include?


Very detailed Route book in PDF format

In this PDF you will have all the information for each day of travel, including a brief description of the places of interest that you will find during the trip.


Recommended daily route created by professionals

Our routes are the fruit of more than 10 years of professionally planning motorcycle trips.


Very careful selection of intermediate points

The vast majority of intermediate points, which are necessary to create the route, contribute something more and are places of interest, such as monuments, viewpoints to beautiful landscapes, bars where you can have a coffee, etc.


Fuel management planning

Every 300 km at most, we will include a gas station, so that you don't worry about managing your fuel.


Shorter Alternative Routes

Our recommended routes are long enough to satisfy the most demanding rider, but we understand that not all of our clients want to do such long rides every day. For this reason, we will send you several shorter alternative routes so that you can choose the one that best suits your preferences.


Links of all routes to Google Maps and GPX Files

Whether you use your phone or a navigator, we provide you with road maps so that you can upload them to your device.

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Do you need to rent a motorcycle?

These are the models that we can offer you to carry out this tour. Discover all the advantages of renting with us in our section. Motorcycle rental.

B.- BMW F750GS

Autonomy15 L / 333 km
Seat height815 mm
Luggage102 L (29+38+35)
From 59€/day

C.- BMW F850GS

Autonomy15 L / 330 km
Seat height860 mm
Luggage102 L (29+38+35)
From 69€/day

D.- BMW F900XR

Autonomy15.5 L / 330 km
Seat height825 mm
Luggage105 L (35x3)
From 79€/day

F.- BMW R1250RT

Autonomy25 L / 450 km
Seat height805/825 mm
Luggage129 L (40x2+49)
From 99€/day

K.- HD. Electra Glide Ultra

Autonomy23 L / 350 km
Seat height740 mm
Luggage132 L (40x2+52)
From 149€/day

Hotel Accommodation

We can also, if you wish, take care of your accommodation according to your budget. Thanks to our experience we can provide you with excellent accommodations during your route. These are some of the places where you can rest on this tour:


A beautiful 19th century palace within the city and very close to the river.


An imposing 12th century castle.


A 19th century palace with an exotic garden that is one of the most important monuments in the city.


An 18th century palace with two fabulous gardens, the first is a French-style garden and the second is in the English style and is practically a botanical park with some impressive specimens, such as the secouya or the Lebanon cedar.


A 18th century baroque palace on the edge of the river.

Santo Estevo

A 7th century monastery in a beautiful location.


A 15th century fortress.

Serra da Estrela

A 19th century sanatorium and spa.


A 13th century castle.


A modern 5-star hotel with direct access to the beach.

Expand the information about the tour.

We have prepared a complete updated dossier with detailed information on the weather, accommodation, gastronomy and much more. See full report5

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