How do we select motorcycle companies


Our selection process for motorcycle rental companies consists of several steps.

1. Search for companies

In this step we look for rental companies and analyze through their website, where they are and how easy it is to reach them, what conditions apply to rentals and other data that we consider important.

2. Contact them

In this step we contact them, we explain our way of working and we ask them if they want to collaborate with us, adjusting to our quality requirements. If their answer is yes, we send them a long questionnaire, in which we ask them questions about maintenance, damage management, roadside assistance, etc., to get an idea of how they work. This is the most complicated step, since many companies are excluded when seeing their answers, especially in relation to damage management, an aspect that we consider FUNDAMENTAL, and in which we do not allow any type of abuse, (such as saying that they must change a whole suitcase for a simple scratch).

3. Go visit them and include their motorcycles in our offer

Before starting to work with a company, we are always going to visit them to get to know each other personally and check with our own eyes all the aspects that interest us. No other intermediary bothers in this aspect because it would be impossible for them since they work with hundreds of companies. On the contrary, for us, who only work with a few companies, this is not a problem and we also take advantage of the trip to do some road prospecting.

If everything went well, we include your motorcycles in our offer.

4. Value the opinion of our clients

Every time a client takes a tour or hires a rental with us, we send him an inquiry about his satisfaction, in which we ask him about aspects of the motorcycle, (general condition, tire condition, mileage of the motorcycle, attention by the company, assistance from this in case of problems during the trip, cost of repairing damages suffered by the motorcycle, etc.).

If, in any of these surveys, we see any type of abuse, or poor service, we ask the company for explanations, and if these are not satisfactory for us, we stop working with this company. On the other hand, if a valuation is especially low, below 3/10, we carefully analyze this case and also ask the company for explanations.


For all this, when we offer a client different model and price options, we are in a position to assess the different companies as follows:

★★★ – Average Rating over 8/10
★★ – Average Rating between 7/10 & 8/10
– Average Rating between 6/10 & 7/10

We do not work with companies with a rating lower than 6/10

The companies with less than 10 valuations will not be classified, regardless of the average rating they have, although we stop working with it if it does not reach a 6/10.


We pay great attention to caring for the quality of the companies we offer. Our goal is that the client is totally satisfied and repeat with us again. A bad experience in a city can dissuade you from taking another trip. We prefer not to get involved in the rental of the motorcycle if we do not have a certain assurance that the company will reach our quality standards.

For this reason, some of our tours do not offer the motorcycle rental service. They are excellent and recommended routes, but we are not sure that the behavior of the rental company will reach our expectations and we prefer to stay on the sidelines, leaving it to you to decide whether to do that tour now, (by renting the motorcycle on your own ), or wait for the future in which we will most likely have found a trustworthy company.

For all the above, we recommend that you ask us for a budget, (of course without obligation), and we will value all the possibilities to be able to offer you the best motorcycles at the best price.